Fernando correia marques louco amor louco

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Using “wikipedian” ideologies as it´s main reference, Transclusor is an editorial bot created by Barbara Says… as a response to the Curators’ Lab invitation (a curatorial project held at the European Culture Capital event in Guimarães, Portugal). Tranclusor was a platform and sculpture that integrated editorial content into a database. It is an experimental editing machine that reads information and orders it according to a set of simple algorithmic instructions, using ideological principles defined by contributing editors operating within the Wikipedia community it is an attempt to focus on the positive and negative effects of automation and publishing. During three months the sculpture was fed raw information regarding the events and conferences at the Lab. As the information is collected and processed, it is printed by a robust dot-matrix printer, one of the last commercially available. The raw texts and images are sequenced and spewed out on continuous paper, like a waterfall. An occasional performance with students was set up as a happening, where new variables could be introduced in order to measure the impact that these ideas impose on content. Thus “wikideologic” principles such as Inclusionism , Deletionism , Delusionism , Mergism and or Vandalism were used as a new set of variables to test strategic methods for editing the content.

Fernando Correia Marques Louco Amor LoucoFernando Correia Marques Louco Amor LoucoFernando Correia Marques Louco Amor LoucoFernando Correia Marques Louco Amor Louco