Su/o/a - the fernweh

This is an attempt to create a complete Star Ship Stereo discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me .   01   ULTRA BOYZ Demo Tape K7   02   VARIOUS ARTISTS Other Bands K7   03   ZOMBIE ZOMBIE/KINDERCIDE 7"   04   DUST BUSTR/GIANT EYEBALL K7   05   ULTRA BOYZ Get Ultra CDR   06   MAJESTIC SUN BEAST A Love Majestic CDR   07   YAMAHAMA/DUST BUSTR Split CDR   08   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Honeycut K7   09   WITCH DOCTOR Life Affirming Suicide Note CDR   10   FROZEN BODY, TRIPP NASTY AND VICE/REVERSA Untitled CDR   11   TRIPP NASTY AND THE MIND CONTROL SECT Vanilla CDR   12   HALF MAN/HALF BEAST Cicada's Scream K7   13   FROZEN BODY Total Tonal Terror CDR   14   VARIOUS ARTISTS Steal Softly Through Snow CDR   15   WARREN BEDELL Genius DVD-R   16   DUDE WAR Noise Wizzards K7   17   WITCH DOCTOR Said Rocker CD   18   FROZEN BODY/DREAMWIG K7   19   FROZEN BODY Nightstalker 3"CDR   20   MAN//BEAST Surveil//Servile K7   21   JOHN THILL Heart Of Grime K7   22   SU/O/A (BJECT) The Fernweh K7   23   FROZEN BODY Sea Sick 30 Second Loop   24   MILTON MELVIN CROISSANT THE 3RD AND THE WINGLESS CROWES CD   25   MVP CD   26   STERILE GARDEN Smell The Old Band-Aid 30 Second Loop   27   FROZEN BODY/STERILE GARDEN 30 Second Loop   28   ALGIERS 30 Second Loop   29   WEAK SISTERS 30 second Loop   30   FROZEN BODY Buzzed 3" CDR   31   ROLLIN HUNT Into The Window CDR   32       33   BIO-BITCH Dead Air K7   34   SPELLCASTER Ultimate Fantasy 3"CDR   35   T. NASTY A Short Introduction To The Moby Dick Sessions   036 JOHN THILL /LITTLES PAIA John Thill/Littles Paia K7 JOHN THILL The Chorus/Heartbeat/Dark-Bright Eyes/High As The Night/Lemonade/Pomona/The Sluts/Flint/Warm Sea/Hate All/I Had A Dream/Paint This Mtn./Slips Of Paper/What Is Los Angeles?/Christmas Day/Vacation/Vague Sunrise/Upturned/Cicadas Thrall/Halogen Or Halo?/Fertile Land/Yellow Rose/The Eclipse/Brian Perez/The Chorus/LITTLES PAIA Pour Me/Littles Paia Presents Dj Freedom Hater-G & H Productions (Excerpt)/Breastmilk Blues 37   DUGOUTCANOE Tour CD CDR   38   BONGO FURY! Foreign Lands CDR    

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