The few against many sot

Westley : It won't be the last. To the pain means the first thing you will lose will be your feet below the ankles. Then your hands at the wrists. Next your nose.

But statistics only partially highlight the importance of international trade to Canada and Canadians. Economic models and theories can also be used to ask the question of what is the benefit of international trade to Canada. The answer to the question is, however, multi-dimensional and not entirely computable. From one vantage, the trade data suggest, as a first order of approximation, that one in five jobs in Canada depend on exports, either directly or indirectly. 1 Yet this is simply an accounting of how much spending in the economy is accounted for by exports. Taken from another perspective, this vastly understates how dependent Canada is, and Canadians are, on trade. The structure and the organization of the entire economy are crucially dependent on trade and integration with regional and global trading networks.

Matthew Logan, PhD, RCMP (Retired), Forensic Psychologist | HALO Forensic Behavioural Specialists
Predators are individuals whose need for immediate gratification is paramount. They do not possess, or choose not to use empathy as they get their needs met. There is little consequential thinking or remorse involved in their thought process. Those in policing and corrections encounter these individuals on a daily basis. They are responsible for over 50 percent of law enforcement officer murders. Many predators are psychopathic and camouflage themselves in a very charming and believable cloak. They are able to con and manipulate intelligent people and are the offenders who seduce and ensnare the most vulnerable and naive of our population. As we gather intelligence and seek to profile them, they are doing the same thing with us. This presentation will not only illuminate the mindset of the predator, but also the psychopath.

The Few Against Many SotThe Few Against Many SotThe Few Against Many SotThe Few Against Many Sot