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It was the burgeoning cult of the Dawnflower that inspired Qadira to invade and conquer a stagnant Osirion. [9] Osirian independence ended following the assassination of the corrupt Pharaoh Menedes XXVI in 1532 AR , leading to the overthrow of the pharaonic dynasty, and the country was declared a satrapy of the Keleshite Empire. By 2217 AR , the religion of the Dawnflower was flourishing in Osirion, but the Qadiri satrapy viewed it as a threat. Pogroms drove the cult into the desert, where they built Sarenrae's Bastion in what is now Katapesh . In 2253 AR , the church of Sarenrae assassinated the last Qadiri satrap [9] and returned from exile in Thuvia [9] , leading to the establishment of a line of independent Keleshite sultans.

Asteroid families are named after the largest member of the group to be discovered. Large families contain several hundred asteroids (and many more smaller objects which are yet-to-be discovered). Small families and groups can have as few as ten identified members. About 33% to 35% of asteroids in the main belt are family members. There are almost 40 reliably recognized families, with several tens of less certain groupings. Most asteroid families are found in the main asteroid belt , although several family-like groups such as the Pallas family , Hungaria family , and the Phocaea family lie at smaller semi-major axis or larger inclinations than the main belt.

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