Apache dropout - heavy window

China is determined in developing modern military aerospace capabilities. Having generated a certain quantum of expertise in the field, including learning from the designers, technicians and scientists imported from CIS countries where they had been rendered unemployed…

Yet unlike a lot of retro-styled groups, there’s not much nostalgia going in Apache Dropout’s music. Their simple tunes and the earnest way they bash them out suggest they see the past not as an escape, but a source of fuel. They tap into the gut-level immediacy of garage rock in order to make their music sound present. In this way, they share a sensibility with the many retro-tinted groups Ian Svenonius has fronted, but without his sly commentary. Where  Make-Up or Chain and the Gang are often winking, Apache Dropout stare straight ahead.

Apache Dropout - Heavy WindowApache Dropout - Heavy WindowApache Dropout - Heavy WindowApache Dropout - Heavy Window