All time low put up or shut up

On March 28, 2006, it was announced that the band had signed to Hopeless Records . The group finished recording Put Up or Shut Up in March, before embarking on a tour with Transition a month later. [1] From August to October, the band supported Amber Pacific on their tour of the . [2]

Well….there’s good news and bad news.

It usually starts when you pass your middle 20s, slowly but surely making it harder and harder to keep fit and trim, many times getting progressively worse as you age. Many really don't notice these symptoms until after childbirth… when it just hits, seemingly out of nowhere.

That “baby weight gain” isn’t lost. Melancholy and exhaustion are constant companions, and you just don’t feel “right” in your own body anymore.

If you try talking to your doctor about it, you’ll often be humored and told to “eat less and exercise more.” Insist on having your thyroid levels checked, your physician will reluctantly order a thyroid blood test.

Almost predictably, when it comes back it’ll say the thyroid is normal. You’ll then be told it’s “all in your head” and all to often be given a prescription for a mild anti-depressant.

But the fact of the matter is this…

Your “Head” is Fine…
Your Thyroid Probably Isn’t!
Here's a dirty little secret most doctors won’t discuss. When a medical test is done, any result within a wide range is deemed normal. The thyroid could be barely functioning at 30% efficiency, but tests will say that’s fine.

Well, it’s not fine. And you have the problems to prove it.

Keep complaining, and you’ll probably be told to go on yet another diet and hit the gym more often. The same things you’ve been trying over and over again – with the same yo-yo, short-term “success” at best. Since the tests were "normal" the thing that could help you most won't be given : The actual thyroid hormone .

All Time Low Put Up Or Shut UpAll Time Low Put Up Or Shut UpAll Time Low Put Up Or Shut UpAll Time Low Put Up Or Shut Up