Breakaways - o.k. to kill

1. The 60s female group known as The Breakaways consisted of Jean Hawker, Margot Newman, and Vicki Brown. In addition to recording their own songs, they did session work with many artists, including the background vocals on The Jimi Hendrix Experience's version of Hey Joe. The trio, who formed in 1962, were all married to showbiz husbands. Vicky to Joe Brown. Jean to Mike Hawkes, a successful song... read more

The key to being a good futurist is being able to entertain scenarios that one doesn’t necessarily want to see come to pass. Sound prognostication is based on the ability to divest oneself from the matter at hand and deal with issues in an objective and impersonal manner. It also becomes increasingly difficult to accurately anticipate trends the further out one looks.

Breakaways - O.K. To KillBreakaways - O.K. To Kill