Ritual of flesh - splatter grind abortion

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From the point of view of medicine, we have gone far from the North American Indians, who made 2 incisions with a sharpened bone and passed a pointed wand between them. In the world of modern technology and the development of the piercing industry and bodysuspension, piercing made with sterile disposable needles, lubricated with lubricant (mostly for this purpose artists use Vaseline), and a special sterile hooks. Hooks now have a different shapes and sizes and, unlike needles, they are used many times, cleaning with solutions and sterilizing in special devices (most often this is an autoclave where the instrument is disinfected by high temperature, pressure and steam) after each use. After the procedure the points from piercing are treated with an antiseptic and applied the bandage. Thus, hanging in our days is absolutely safe and painful feelings are minimized.

Ritual Of Flesh - Splatter Grind AbortionRitual Of Flesh - Splatter Grind AbortionRitual Of Flesh - Splatter Grind AbortionRitual Of Flesh - Splatter Grind Abortion