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“Those big plays were needed,” Prescott said. “Obviously they were great when they hit. They were fun to watch, to watch those guys run and do what they do best. Yeah, it was a grind, it was a grind early, it was a grind throughout the game, but we were finally able to get some momentum, get going and it got good right there in the fourth.”

Smith has also released 3 solo album under the moniker El-Creepo! The first album was released in 2009 and was aptly titled El-Creepo! . The project is stylistically quite different from his work in other bands, favoring acoustic guitars and light harmonies. Smith began writing and recording a new El-Creepo! album with Polkadot Cadaver drummer Scott Radway in March 2012. The second solo album, Aloha was released November 13, 2012. [1] The third and most recent album titled Bellissimo! was released January 1, 2016.

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Todd Smith - AliveTodd Smith - AliveTodd Smith - AliveTodd Smith - Alive